Wilkie & District Cemetery
Rules & Regulations

1. A plan of the cemetery showing all grave locations is open for inspection free of charge between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Town Office.


2. Relatives are responsible for the upkeep of graves. If a grave is neglected, the Town will do what has to be done and then send a bill to the next closest relative to cover any expenses incurred.


3. No grave covers of any kind are permitted, only grass will be permitted as a cover. No borders of cement, wood, etc. of any kind are permitted. Headstones, flowers and markers may only be placed on the top three feet of the grave site. Headstones are permitted throughout the cemetery provided they have a minimum of a 4" ground level cement border surrounding it.


4. Any other items other than headstones, flowers and markers are not permitted on the gravesite. All items placed on the gravesite is at the families own risk and the Wilkie & District Cemetery Committee nor the Town of Wilkie will not be held responsible for damages due to general maintenance or acts of vandalism. 


5. If any items, other than headstones, flowers and markers are placed on the gravesite and they are deemed by Committee to provide a hindrance to general maintenance they will be removed and the family will be notified so that they may pick up the item.


6. Headstones may be a maximum of 30 inches in height from the cement foundation.


7. During a funeral, hearse and cars shall park only in the designated parking area.


8. Temporary name plates shall be placed on every new grave immediately following the closing of the grave. Funeral Directors may leave the name plates with the Town Staff to be placed.


9. No more than two plots (double) shall be sold to any one person without special permission from the Cemetery Committee.


10. In accordance with Provincial legislation a maximum of three cremains are allowed in one plot.


11. A permit, available at the Wilkie Town Office is required before any work is done at the cemetery, including the installation of headstones. Unauthorized work may be removed at the owner's expense.


12. Any person who commits a breach of the provisions of this Schedule shall upon conviction thereof before the proper authority be liable for a fine of not more than $2000.00.


Revised October 2006